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I offer inservices to church and school staff on a variety of topics.  Inservices range in time from two to three hours.  I can come to the facility or it can be done at my clinic.

Inservices offered:

What is Sensory Processing and why is it important?

There are so many terms being tossed around such as "disregulated" and "sensory processing disorder" but we see students struggling to sit and engage in the classroom.  I will explain sensory issues and offer strategies that can be incorporated in a classroom setting and will benefit all students.

How to improve fine motor skills while completing academics in the classroom?

In the world of constant technology, our students are developing motor skills more slowly.  They are also using fewer motor skills which causes difficulty as they enter school and need to use items such as pencils, crayons, and scissors.  I will provide simple ideas that teachers can use throughout the day to build motor skills with their students.

Welcoming children with special needs and their families into church

Churches can have a multitude of obstacles that prevent families with children with special needs from attending regularly.  I can offer some basic strategies to guide churches on making physical and sensory accommodations in their Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible School, and services to be more welcoming to a variety of families.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(717) 513-7601

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