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My Story

I’m Cindy Heister, pediatric occupational therapist, and certified autism specialist.  For the past twenty-five years, I have worked in schools, long-term care, and rehab.  I established mOTivation Occupational Therapy originally as a private contracting business. 


Over the years, I began seeing more needs than assistance.  The needs have greatly increased since the Covid pandemic.  More and more children suffered physical and mental stress from the consequences of the pandemic.  Families have also suffered with losses of jobs and wages.  I realized that kids and their families needed more than what was provided in preschools and schools.  I believe God made each child unique and special, but too often, current therapy practices focus on what a child can’t do rather than the child’s strengths and gifts.


mOTivation Occupational Therapy is a donation only occupational therapy clinic. There is not a suggested fee for services; only what families can afford to pay, if anything.   I work with children birth to 18 years helping them build their fine motor coordination, visual perceptual and motor skills, sensory regulation, handwriting, and feeding/positioning issues through a strengths-based approach.  Services are provided to help children and their families grow together. If you feel your child needs some support or extra help, please contact me.

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